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The beginning of the end for the Petrodollar grows near.

China's gold-backed alternative to the Petrodollar launches on the 26th.

Oil will begin trading in Yuan and gold instead of fiat US Dollars and Treasuries.

This will result in the price of gold to increase.

It also marks the end of Cabal control over the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency and the major correction in the stock market will force all countries to ditch fiat currency and agree to a global gold-backed monetary system.

The worldwide consensus to a global gold-backed monetary system will result in the announcement of GESARA law.

The new quantum financial system will then officially come online and reset all currencies.

The RV is expected to release before these events occur.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 23, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 23 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 23 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Friday, March 23, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 23, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 23 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 23 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, Byington’s Before It’s News articles on Cabal/Vatican child abuse:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Summary: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 22, 2018

1. China (under the direction of the Chinese Elders) would lead the world to return the gold-standard with their de facto gold-backed Yuan. The Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts would begin trading on Mon. March 26.

2. On March 26 the Chinese would launch the Yuan as a gold/asset-backed world reserve currency - replacing the US Petrodollar. As the Petrodollar falls, so would the wealth of the Cabal’s Bonds, Credit System & Bitcoin.

3. Zap reported a month ago that the March 26 date for announcement of the gold backed currency would be a turning point.

4. According to Bible prophecies & God’s Calendar, world changes were set to begin on March 26 2018.

5. After March 26 expect food and water shortages for a period of time.

6. Also after March 26 expect an asset-backed world monetary system to rise as the greatest wealth transfer in human history.

7. All eyes were on March 26. The RV may be released any time between now and March 26, though a possibility of a RV release after March 26 should not be overlooked.

8. Dr. Clarke: “March 26 must pass. The very last minute still qualifies.”

B. March 22 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Yesterday we had confirmation that this was supposed to go down last night. It didn’t and we don’t know why.

2. Sun. night March 25 at 7:30 pm EST the gold-backed Yuan would be in effect.

3. Iraq came out with their new Dinar rate digitally yesterday March 21.

4. President Trump was not happy that it didn’t go last night.

5. Farm claims were paid out yesterday.

6. Right now we are in a 48 hour window.

7. Redemption Centers were staffed to begin, on Red Alert and on lockdown.

C. March 22 2018 1:13 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 22, 2018

1. On March 26 the beginning of the end grows near for the US Petrodollar as China's gold-backed alternative launches with oil beginning to trade in Yuan and gold instead of fiat US Dollars and Treasuries.

2. The trading of oil in gold-backed currency and a major correction in the Stock Market forces countries to ditch fiat currency and agree to a global gold-backed monetary system to mark the end of Cabal control over the global economy.

3. The worldwide consensus to a global gold-backed monetary system would result in the price of gold to increase, plus an announcement of GESARA law.

4. The new quantum financial system would then come online to reset all currencies.

5. The RV was expected to release before these events occurred.

D. March 22 2018 2:05 am EST, Zap: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 3.21.18

1. Right now the currency exchange system was fully tested and ready for disbursement, plus the TTMs were underway and would be closing to begin payments in full force.

2. As Zap reported a month ago, the March 26 date for announcement of the gold backed currency would be a turning point.

3. Arrests were ongoing as more lower and middle ranks gave up their bosses. The process was accelerating, especially in the Banking World. We do not hear much of what was going on as they liked to keep these things under wraps to avoid negative publicity.

4. Tomorrow March 23 was the first target date for release of one of the major blocks of funds that were stolen and would be in hand by the weekend.

5. There were several other releases from other directions that would also come. Those seemed to be progressing without a hitch.

E. March 21 2018, Dr. Clarke: “March 26 must pass. The very last minute still qualifies.” 

F. March 22 2018 2:30 am EST Fulford: "The World is About to Find out" - Fulford Report - 3.19.18 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. The purge at the very tip top of the U.S. secret power structure was nearly complete, meaning a much larger purge was about to take place according to Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.

2. The top leadership of the White House, CIA, NSA, FBI, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies was now composed almost entirely of White Hats - meaning a systematic purge of the lower ranks was possible.

3. In coming months people were going to find out just how horrific crimes carried out by the Khazarian mafia really were. These so-called leaders of the West had been actively trying to kill off 90% of the world’s population. They have been caught manufacturing and spreading diseases like SARS, bird flu, ebola; causing mass starvation by spreading crop diseases; paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food; trying to start World War 3 and were said to be behind mass murder incidents like 9/11 and Fukushima.

4. According to Japanese military intelligence about one million in the US were involved in a plot to kill 90% of their fellow Americans and enslave the survivors. These Satan worshippers have been seeking refuge, though have failed to find it.

5. Former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama was seeking asylum because everybody who was protecting him in the U.S. power structure was being fired, arrested, or killed. According to members of the Japanese royal family and CIA sources, the UK denied Obama asylum so he asked the Japanese government for protection. The US military advised the Japanese to say no.

6. The man Obama was counting on for protection, Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, “will be stepping down within the next two weeks. He is in deep dog poop now. You are aware of the faulty steel sold to the U.S. military. The military vehicles will crack and break up on impact with incoming projectiles. They were sold defective low-grade steel on purpose. Bye-bye, Abe,” was what a CIA source in Asia had to say about Obama’s would-be protector.

7. The White Dragon Society may provide Obama with protection if he agreed to appear at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and tell the world the truth about things like Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, who his real father was and who put him in power, etc.

8. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s last mission was to go to Kenya to tell the government there not to shelter Obama, say Pentagon sources. Tillerson himself was fired last week because he went along with the patently false Cabal claim that Russia was using poison gas to kill dissidents in the UK, the sources say.

9. Last week Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK, President Emmanuel Macron of France, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany all revealed their Cabal affiliation by going along with the latest blame-everything-on-Russia scheme.

10. Russian FSB sources say that Sergei Skripal was poisoned because he was about to give evidence linking Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Democratic Party to attempts to smear U.S. President Donald Trump.

11. Now that Tillerson and his bagman Steve Goldstein have been fired, the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, armed with knowledge of CIA operations, was going to oversee an “even further” purge of the State Department, Pentagon sources say. The FBI and the U.S. Congress were also investigating criminal activity by the State Department and its former head John Kerry, the sources add.

12. The CIA itself was undergoing a major purge now that it was under U.S. military control. “The new CIA Director, Gina Haspel, is a feared operative who will now purge the Bush faction, neocons, and other traitors,” the Pentagon sources say. Here is what a CIA colleague has to say about Haspel: “She is quiet and low-key—not outspoken or a big-mouth, as we say. Her eyes were very focused and intense. I sensed a highly intelligent woman who kept her real mission to herself.” This source says she will probably be taking her scalpel to CIA “black sites” that handle drugs, off-books weapons transfers, money laundering, and the like.

13. The FBI and the Justice Department are also going to see a purge of Cabal operatives, multiple sources agree. “The firing of Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe is just the beginning, as heads will roll with a FEMA order for 16,000 guillotine blades,” a Pentagon source ominously declares. Presumably he was referring to the widely reported guillotines ordered by the Cabal, presumably for use against Americans.

14. Another reason for the anger against the Cabal inside the U.S. military and the agencies is the 800,000 children reported missing each year in the United States (according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). While a lot of the missing children are found, many vanish forever.

15. There are multiple insiders who have testified they are raped and seen children murdered and eaten by Cabalists. Many years ago Oprah Winfrey interviewed some: Jenny Hill claimed that at age five (in 1965) she was tortured and witnessed a Human Sacrifice in a Satanic rite overseen by a CIA operative brought into the US after World War II for the CIA mind control program: (This video may not be available on certain search engines because of Cabal interference).

16. To deal once and for all with this horrific secret takeover of the United States by a murderous Cabal, the U.S. military is recalling many retired generals and officers to active duty, Pentagon sources say. Among those now back in active duty are Mike Pompeo, special counsel Robert Mueller, and many others, the sources say.

17. CIA sources were saying that Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk was a money laundering agent for the Pentagon. That might explain a lot of the strangeness surrounding that company, such as the reports from multiple sources that it was Musk who was really behind the North Korean missile crisis. It means that the Pentagon, via Musk and Tesla, was using North Korean nuclear missiles as a bargaining tool in negotiations with China. The latest is the news that Tesla was hiring staff from the satirical news site The Onion for some sort of secret project.

G. March 22 2018 8:58 am EST: White Hats Report #63 -- #ARRESTtheFed

Releases over the next few weeks would expose methods by which the Cabal rules through control of the global monetary system. Trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion would be enough to fund every true humanitarian project on earth, along with advanced technology, free energy, exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money was used to subvert production of the people for a select few bloodline families. Signatories to the trading contracts: Federal Reserve: Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Roger Ferguson, Janet Yellen, Timothy Geithner US Government: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jack Lew, Paul O’Neill, Neil Wolin.

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 21, 2018

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 19, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of the Week, March 18

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 18, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 17, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 16, 2018

In 1965 five year-old Jenny Hill was tortured and witnessed a human sacrifice in a Satanic rite overseen by a CIA operative:

Hill and Byington on Dr. Phil Show

ABC Channel 4 Judy Byington, Jenny Hill, Dr. Whatcott

(Like my Child Abuse Recovery/22 Faces websites and Utube channel, the Cabal has recently seen to it that some of these links do not work on certain search engines. It makes you wonder what they are covering up).

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Study Finds Microplastics Contained in Bottled Water


MARCH 20, 2018

Source: Collective Evolution | By ALANNA KETLER

The World Health Organization has recently announced that they’ll be launching a review of the potential risks of microplastics that have recently been found in over 90% of the world’s most popular brands of bottled water.

Yes, this means that if you drink bottled water regularly, then you have also consumed tiny pieces of plastic that could potentially have some adverse health effects. If this isn’t enough to finally ditch the plastic bottles then I don’t know what is. There are many reasons to stop drinking bottled water, if you don’t care to do it for the environment, then maybe you’ll feel called to do it for your health.

This analysis was conducted by the state University of New York in Fredonia, it was part of a project from an investigative journalism company called Orb Media. The study tested 259 bottles of water from 11 different brands from 9 different countries including China, Brazil, India, Mexico, India, Lebanon, Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States.

What They Found

Out of all of the bottles that were tested only 17 were found to be free of microplastics. An average of 325 pieces of microplastic, which includes polypropylene, nylon and polythylene terephthalate per liter of water. In one instance, a bottle of Nestle Pure Life contained over 10,000 pieces of microplastic, of course it was Nestle.

The following infographic breaks down the worst brands to the least…

What Can You Do?

WHO health officials claim that there is no evidence that these microplastics are harmful to human health, but there is also no evidence to say that they aren’t harmful. We already know of the hormone disrupting effects from chemicals that are often found in plastics like BPA, which is in most plastic water bottles.

The best way to avoid the potential risks is to simply quit consuming water from plastic bottles, especially Nestle. A reusable water bottle made from glass or stainless steel is your best option, just make sure to get one that is free of lead and other contaminants. If you are concerned about chemicals that are added to the tap water like fluoride or chlorine, you can get your water from a spring – for free! Find a spring closest to you by following this link. If there is no spring near you, filtered water can be found at most major grocery stores. Bottled water is not only bad for our health, but it is contributing big-time to the pollution of our oceans and our environment.

Every piece of plastic ever created still exists today.

Perhaps the discovery of these plastic particles in the water is what was finally needed to scare people just enough to make a move away from plastic. If you aren’t concerned about the microplastics, perhaps some of the 24,000 other chemicals found in bottled water might get your attention. We have many other options, let’s choose one that is more in alignment with the earth and our health!

Deep State Pedophiles, Political Traitors and their Communist Agenda

Deep State Pedophiles, Political Traitors and Their Communist Agenda

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay

"The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to know what's happening."
*George Orwell- Author- "1984"

"Censorship is crucial to Communists. I have seen leaders pull books from shelves and warn members to destroy them. Communism is the New World Order and is controlled by Masonic Jewish Bankers."
*Bella Dodd - Author and Communist Party Leader of the 30's and 40's.

Author Henry Makow in his review of Bella Dodd's 1954 book, "School Of Darkness," reports that Dodd referred to the Communists as Satanists who operated by infiltrating and subverting social institutions like churches, schools, mass media and government. Dodd revealed that the American Communist Party had 1100 members become Catholic Priests in the 1930's alone. Here in America today the Catholic Church has nearly been destroyed by an epidemic of pedophile priests.

Schools are banning books and our children are being dumbed down by "Common Core." Amazon Books, the largest bookseller in the country, and the Jewish owned tech companies, Youtube, Facebook, Google,and Twitter are using the Jewish, racist, Anti Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as arbiters to ban books and purge Conservative, Christian, Patriotic, or any video's and websites that don't go along with the mainstream media liars whose networks are all Jewish owned.

Most Americans know that there is something horribly wrong with this country but can't put their finger on exactly what it is. Many read about the "Deep State" and aren't sure who these people are or why they are such a grave threat to our country.

The majority of people in western countries would be shocked to learn that a network of elite pedophiles control these countries and use their intelligence services to set up and blackmail politicians to keep them in line. Some of the richest and most powerful men, as well as teachers, judges, scout leaders and police officers in the US, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, and Norway among many others, are involved.

Just last July before his meeting with Donald Trump at the G-20 summit, Vladimir Putin issued a warning that if Trump didn't expose these pedophiles he would. Journalist Liz Crokin believes that is what the thousands of sealed indictments Trump's team has handed down in the last 6 months will deal with.(see: The Franklin Cover-Up )

In the U.S. the National Security Agency(NSA) and the Senior Executive Service(SES) have total access to spy illegally on Americans and have been at it for years. The NSA is responsible for global monitoring collection, and processing of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.

Israel receives all of the raw NSA data gathered on every American. Why? Israel along with traitors in our government are currently trying to outlaw criticism of Israel by Americans, another blatant attack on the First Amendment

*An NSA whistleblower says they mostly illegally spy on Americans.

Former NSA Senior Intelligence official and whistleblower William Binney said 12 years ago that the NSA wasn't just spying on the American people but was illegally spying on US Congressmen, Senators, Federal Judges, and even Supreme Court Judges.

Remember what happened to the stubborn Senator in the "Godfather" who wouldn't play ball with the Corleone family? A couple of days later he woke up in bed with a dead hooker. Is that's how they keep Congress in line? Is that how they got John Roberts to stab Americans in the back as the deciding SCOTUS vote to put Obamacare over the top?

*In a recent Monmouth poll, 80% said they believe the government spies on them.

The (SES) Senior Executive Service is not well known to the public. It is a position classification in the civil service of the US Government, analogous to a general officer or a flag officer. The SAS employees report directly to presidential appointees and are said to make more than Congressmen.

These people are the link between politics and the administration of the Federal Government and make up much of the Deep State. Author Field McConnell says one must already be a compromised traitor to be recruited by the SES who employ 10,000 people.

Field McConnell is a graduate of The Naval Academy, a former Marine fighter pilot, a retired commercial pilot for Delta, a 911 whistleblower, an author of 12 books, a talk show host, and lecturer. He also has inside information on the SES. You see, McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, runs the SES.

McConnell says his sister out ranks Hillary Clinton and is a Satanist, as are most of the members of the Deep State. He says his sister was involved in 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing, and other false flag attacks along with other prominent politicians like Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, John "Traitor" McCain and a long list of other traitors well known to the American people.

We are now in the middle of the worst political scandal in our country's history and the majority of the media simply refuses to cover it. Instead, without a single bit of evidence, the media continues to attack and accuse Trump. This is right from the Communist Jew Saul Alinskys playbook, "Rules For Radicals."

Accuse the opposition of crimes that you are guilty of. These "New World Order" Eichmann's who masquerade as benevolent representatives are in reality agents of foreign interests and care nothing for our freedom, our sovereignty, the girl next door, or mom's apple pie.

Some good examples of that are revealed in Peter Schweizer's new book,"Secret Empires", reviewed by Rebecca Mansour at Breitbart, which shows how these criminal politicians use their office to garner lucrative deals for their children and other family members.

*Ten days after Joe Biden and his son Hunter flew to China aboard Air Force Two, Hunter's firm signed a $1.5 billion deal with a Chinese bank. Suspicious? You bet.

*Texe Marrs reported that two months before Obama's Neo-Con henchman Victoria Nuland gave the green light to take out Ukranian President Yanukovych in an illegal coup, Vice President Biden travelled to Ukraine and met with the Chief Rabbi and other top Jews. He also met with executives of Burisma, the largest natural gas company in Ukraine.

*In 2014 Hunter Biden was put on the board of directors of Burisma.This, of course, happened less than a year after the US and Israel led a coup that took out the duly elected president Yanukovych for corruption. You can't make this stuff up!

*Globalist and US Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao, Trump's Secretary of Transportation, have received millions of dollars from a family member who sat on the board of a top Chinese government military contractor. Chao's father is a Chinese shipping magnate worth billions.

*In 2014 90 pounds of cocaine were found on one of Mr. Chao's freighters. The U.S. media wasn't very interested as there was no coverage of it at all. Since most experts agree that China poses a much bigger threat than Russia, why is none of this not a bigger deal?

Congress just sold out to defense contractors approving over $700 billion for the military while they are busy planning our next war for Israel. Don't believe me? Lt.General Richard Clark recently told the Israeli media that "US troops should be prepared to die for the Jewish state." Just who in this administration is in charge of our foreign policy disaster in Syria, Jared Kushner?

Trump just announced that McMaster is out as National Security Advisor and has been replaced by "Neo-Con John" Bolton. Nothing good will come of this since Bolton gets his orders from Tel Aviv. Look for things to heat up in Syria sooner than later.

They've also sold us out to the pharmaceutical companies who continue to push ineffective and dangerous vaccines on trusting and unsuspecting Americans. Mandatory vaccines for all Americans is next on their agenda. 128,000 people die every year taking medication as prescribed by their doctor.

The Marxists on the left are now attacking freedom of speech daily. New words we can't say, books we aren't allowed to read, sites we are no longer allowed to visit, videos we are no longer allowed to see. This is moving toward Soviet-era type censorship at lightning speed and no one has any answers. Trump could make moves to stop this, why hasn't he? He won the presidency because of many of the sites being targeted and banned.

With a crucial election approaching in November just what is the Democrat platform? Is their position on immigration amnesty and open borders? Will their solution to gun control be gun confiscation? Will they continue to use children to make their unreasonable, irrational, and unconstitutional demands that the majority of Americans don't support? Will they continue to attack Christian's and the traditional family while promoting the gay/transgender agenda?

Will they continue to ask us to sacrifice our freedom's at the altar of multiculturalism? Will they continue the blatant censorship that would make Stalin blush? These are all right out of the Communist playbook and They are all on the agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League. Two groups that should never be allowed to decide what people in a free society should be allowed to read, view, or discuss.

Related Articles by Patrick J.McShay:

"The American Shadow Government is Jewish Controlled"

"Traitor McCain And The Deep State Agenda"

*Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on,,,,,,,,,,, and among many others.

*His articles have been translated into numerous languages including French, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Dutch.


Dauntless Dialogue -- Alliance Insider: Stage 5 will Start by this Weekend

ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Stage 5 Will Start By This Weekend”

March 22, 2018

Source: Dauntless Dialogue | By Adam Riva

Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on Michael Horowitz’ investigation into Deep State elements including Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email to handle classified information, recent assassination attempts on President Trump, the Military taking control of the CIA, Obama’s bloodline ties to the Rockefeller’s, Net Neutrality, the assassination of General Patton, solar flares and EMP attacks, political correctness, and a potential of mass casualties in the event of an extended grid down scenario.

If this is your first time visiting our site, we have previously shared four other briefings from this source which you can view at the following links:

Alliance Insider: “Artificial Intelligence is Our Biggest Adversary” [3/3/2018]

Alliance Insider: “There Will Be No Civilian Trials for the Illuminati” [2/18/2018]

Alliance Insider: “We’re Going to See a New Gold-Backed Currency Worldwide” [12/14/2017]

Alliance Insider: “Coup in Stage 4 of 5” [12/6/2017]

I have also posted a video Q&A where I answer your questions regarding Arthur, so if you have questions please check that out first and hopefully it will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

The following is a transcript of Arthur’s briefing with me.

Arthur: “This is it. What we’ve been talking about, Stage 5 will swill start by this weekend. Satan’s 17 are going to get theirs by Saturday. The whole investigation – Muller, Rosenstein, and the rest of the 17 – all get smoked on or around Saturday. Whitey Bulger, the murderer from Boston, was given immunity by Muller. He’s dead. It’s treasonous.

Rosenstein put eleven people in prison, 5 of them got back out of prison by a 9-1 Supreme Court decision, dissolved a bunch of companies with thousands and thousands of employees, a lot of that was reinstated and the taxpayers had to pay for a lot of that damage, still has people in prison. It’s overtime and the score is nine to zero. They’re toilet paper and Trump is going to wipe his ass with them and flush.

Look for the I.G.’s report. It’s all over.

They’re Satanic. They’ve tied Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kerry, the war criminal that said we were baby killers, all of them are going to burn all at once.”

Are we talking about mass arrests?

Arthur: “I don’t know which route it’s going to take, but they’re all fucked, so it’s sort of irrelevant. Everyone of them has been proven now to be the low life Satanic scum that they are. We have the goods on them. All of them. Some for treason, some for high crimes, some for misdemeanors, some criminal, some contempt, some perjury, but they’re all fucked.

So this is going to have big implications, huh?

Arthur: “It’s coming. That’s about all I can elaborate on that for now.”

I anticipate some kind of backlash. I’m sure they have some dirty tricks left up their sleeves.

Arthur: “Who cares? Remember what I said once? How are your ski masks, pepper spray, and baseball bats going to do against my millions of rednecks and patriots, 500 million guns, and a trillion rounds of ammunition? How long are the idiots going to last?”

When I say backlash, I mean the Deep State. Like some kind of mass casualty false flag?

Arthur: “Adam, let me put it to you really simply. What can they do that they haven’t already done? Don’t worry about it. Sure, they’ll lie, they’ll cheat, they’ll steal, they’ll deny, they’ll dissuade, they’ll deflect, they’ll make false claims, that’s to be expected. They can be evasive, but don’t worry about it. My guys have it under control. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t worry about it.”

Sounds like Trump’s first fourteen months have led up to this.

Arthur: “Look, the Star State is going to shine, okay? Don’t ever doubt it.

Shit’s hitting the fan. A lot of stuff is coming out. The newspapers and the news stations are going to go nuts. The Deep State might try an assassination attempt. They’re going to try to take out some people. The SEAL teams, the SWAT teams, the Dark Ops, the snipers, the rangers, the Delta Force, they’re all behind Trump and they’re ready to go hunting. As soon as the Deep State pokes up its head, the military is going to play Whack-a-Mole.”

Are you getting out of Dodge?

Arthur: “No. I don’t run from anything. When I hear “firefight” I go running in. I am not afraid of anything but boredom.”

Tell me about this assassination attempt.

Arthur: “Anytime you back a feral animal into a corner, it’s going to do something stupid. They have no defense and nowhere to go. You’re going to see something stupid out of the Dark State very shortly. Then, you’re going to see the American Military squash it like a bug.”

Do you think anything will make headlines or will it be underground?

Arthur: “There has already been so much underground that hasn’t made headlines. There have already been better than seven attempts on Trump. My boys are gardening, okay? He hasn’t got the Dark State’s Secret Service. He has Blackwater, SEAL teams, Dark Ops snipers, he has the boys that play for keeps. If we get within range, we will punch your ticket and bury your ass.

It’s game on. The Dark State can either go away gracefully, go to jail, or put up a fight and die. Either way, we will win.”

Last we spoke, you mentioned something about bridges in the water. Was that metaphorical about their escape plans being thwarted?

Arthur: “How exactly it’s going to play out, I don’t know. Obama’s army is the Deep State that he enhanced. He put in four levels in seventeen government agencies. It depends on how foolishly they react. The FBI has had enough of the stupidity, the CIA has had enough, they’ve already been surrounded by the Marine Corps and told “you’re going to come under UCMJ or the Marines are going to smoke your building.” The CIA is under control for the first time.

The best thing you can do is not watch the TV or read a newspaper for the next year. Has Trump found a way to take the media away from the Dark State? With his tweets, he’s reaching about 200 million Americans directly. They want to shut it down because he’s using their tool for control against them.

We’re going to come out on top. Yes, there is evil in the world and we can talk about some of those dark things. But we’re going to win. That’s how simple it is.”

Is Trump going to do anything about GMOs?

Arthur: “Trump has a lot on his plate at the moment. People want everything from him all at once. You have to understand there are layers to everything. It’s about priorities.

First, he’s addressing arguably the most lethal threat to the lives of Americans. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the relentless fake news. That’s their most powerful tool right now. Disinformation is more powerful than surveillance. They won’t tell the truth at gunpoint. That’s the worst thing right now because a lot of people form their worldview from that shit.

People have been trained to look for Russian propaganda when the propaganda is coming from the people who are telling you to look for the Russian propaganda. Liberal propaganda is the worst evil you’ve ever seen.”

They control the mainstream media, Hollywood, public schools, universities, Silicon Valley, and they’re the loud minority. But people need to realize that they only seem like the majority because they control everything.

Arthur: “One of the first things that we need to get rid of is the educational cartel, then we need to get rid of the pharmaceutical cartel, then the college agenda, and then we need to kill political correctness because it’s the most destructive thing to happen to civilization and it’s an insult to anyone with an IQ over 4. Can’t talk about this or that because it hurts someone’s feelings, or someone gets called a racist or a homophobe. Well, if telling the truth like a scientist makes you a bigot then some adults need to just stay home and finger paint while the rest of us solve the world’s problems. Get out of the way!

We need to start to deal with reality. When conspiracies are disclosed to the public, where will they find their precious ‘safe spaces?’

The Investigator General has everything from Benghazi to Fast and Furious, all the shit that Trey Gowdy has been holding onto and wouldn’t give to Holder, all that shit is about to hit the fan. There is very little investigation that needs to get done. Most of it is already complete.

The Star State, the people I work for, they are the white hat, constitutional, Christian patriots crowd, including the Military. The Star State had all of this data a long time. They wanted Trump to run so that they could get it all out into the public domain. This is all orchestrated. If you cross the Star State, you won’t be alive for long.”

What are your thoughts on Iran and Mossad?

Arthur: “Don’t worry about that. Putin is coming over to see Trump so they can shake hands and say, “Hey, you’re taking care of things here, I’m taking care of things there.” Putin told Trump that he wants the Satanists gone. Putin saved America from Obama. We’re getting our uranium back, after the Illuminati are in prison.

What you’re looking for is verification of your own intuition. I hope I am giving you that.”

What do you think about the rollout of the 5G network?

Arthur: “I haven’t had the time to look into it at all. No comment. But never hold your cell phone up to your head. There are a lot of ways to mitigate EMFs.

There have been massive sun spots recently. Keep your eyes on this. If you don’t already have proactive steps taken to prepare for a coronal mass ejection, you might want to do so. If not that, you may want to prepare for an EMP attack. Either way, one or the other is an eventuality.

If Mashukushi has commented on it, I don’t know if it’s time to get trash cans and line them with cardboard and aluminum foil and put the lid on them, or what. I don’t know how severe it is right now, I haven’t seen the images yet, but the even the Drudge Report has been talking about it lately.”

I actually just bought a bunch of faraday-style pouches, double lined, military grade protective bags. They just arrived the other day. So how is that for perfect timing?

Arthur: “Well, you should do some research and find out how severe they have been lately. But there are basic steps people can take. A lot of things you can just unplug or put in an oven or microwave, but that probably won’t protect much once the bigger ones start to hit.

I haven’t spoken to anyone with information recently, but there’s been talk about EMP devices.

When the Carrington Effect hit in 1859, it burned the wires right off the poles.”

Yeah, it sent us back to the Stone Age.

Arthur: “That would put America back at least 20 years if it happened today. I don’t want you to panic, I just want you to be prepared.”

Thank you. Yeah, they’ve been calling for a really big one, a major solar flare in the next five years, before the year 2023. The people I listen to are saying it’s going to be a positive event because it’s going to provide a window where the grid is down for us to strike against the A.I., the Reptilians, and ultimately, the Illuminati.

Arthur: “I don’t know. Like I said, keep your perimeter close. Costco has a year’s supply of food, $900, and it’s pretty good stuff that can last for 25 to 30 years. Someone was telling me about it, and I’m pretty sure they said Costco.

And did I tell you about munitions? There’s a bill before Cuomo right now that would limit you to 10 pounds per month. So if you want ammunition, you’d better go get it now just in case.

Cuomo is bringing in 3,000,000 migrants on the taxpayer dollar in New York. He has 1.2 million already. They get $3,000 the first of every month. Cash in hand. The Democrats are buying votes because they have nothing to offer.”

Well, and we end up paying for their kids, their grand-kids, generation after generation.

Arthur: “I told you last time. That’s why they’re building all of these schools. Then they say, “Look how inclusive we are, look how multicultural.” It’s unsustainable and the American people are getting screwed. I don’t know, Adam, it’s getting intense.

Tillerson was too tied to BP, Exxon Mobile, and Sohio, so Trump had to fire him. I could go on for days about it. Tillerson was a negotiator. I know one of the guys over there doing the fracking and drilling. I was working with him on some things. Cuomo shut everything down in New York. Hypocrite. Look at what he drives and flies in. I want to round up all of these fake environmentalists and ask them a few questions. They’re all hypocrites.”

They have stakes in the US importing it from the Middle East where there is no environmental protection agency, no standards to go by, and it’s funding the arms deals with radical terrorists who are oppressive to women, homosexuals, apostates, and Christians.

Arthur: “The only chance you have in talking logic and reason to a Liberal is in reincarnation. [laughs]

I wanted to pick your brain on something. Q has been connecting the dots for people recently and showing how Angela Merkel could be a descendent of Hitler, and all these world leaders have bloodline connections that most people wouldn’t believe. Justin Trudeau might be related to Fidel Castro.

Arthur: “These people have been inbreeding for a long, long time. Obama is related to the Rockefeller’s and Nelson Mandela. He was picked and put in. Who do you think guarded his birth certificate? Who do you think guarded his British passport? Who brought him into Caltech on an Indonesian passport and started paying him as a foreign citizen then cleaned his dossier and put him in the Oval Office? Whose grandson is he?

An eleven year old kid started praying for Trump in 2015 and it caught on. There were millions of people praying for Trump. This gets real simple if you do your research. The Illuminati is a pedophilia group that worships Satan. That’s where they believe they get their authority and power. It boils down to 8 to 10 families worldwide.”

When is Net Neutrality going to get flushed?

Arthur: “The Left is defending it because they have their hooks in it. Obama has 4 or 5 levels in the NSA, Facebook, and Google. Trump is going to let it run its course, for now, and let the industry regulate itself. Remember, he can shut it down through Martial Law, and have the Military bring it back online when the time is right.”

Does he have the ability to do that? I thought the Obama handed over the internet to the United Nations.

Arthur: “Okay, so let’s say you work for the United Nations. You have the key to the internet. Stand up, and count how many holes you have in you. It might come down like that because you can’t talk to DRD4. My boys have been getting the people at the United Nations ready for a reality check for a long time. Unfortunately, that’s how it has to be. When you want to keep a lot of people alive, and there are evil people hell bent on control and destruction, sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

When you want to save lives, you have to spread the truth. And the quicker and blunter you are with the truth, the more lives you stand to save. There is nothing more loving than the cold hard truth so that people are not confused.”

A lot of people pick on Trump because he uses small vocabulary words. But every president who has come before him filibusters and panders to the people.

Arthur: “So aren’t you glad we have a businessman in office instead of a politician?

The average American has been chemically lobotomized through the food supply, the vaccinations, the air, the soil, and the water. And if they have half a brain cell left after they’ve gone through 12 years of public school indoctrination, it’s a miracle. So how can we expect the average citizen to understand the highly complex underground war between the Deep State and the white hats?

Arthur: “See if you can find the ‘67 CIA handbook for third world takeover. Let’s just say that it is highly instructive. It’s been standard procedure for a long time. We’ve been taking out diplomats and running nation-states.

Do you know who killed Patton? Eisenhower. Patton just won the war. The world knew he won the war. Everyone else tried to take credit for it. When Patton got back to the states, well, he wasn’t a politician, he was a general. He would have been the first version of Trump, only in 1945. “Let’s run over him with a truck.”

LBJ had Kennedy assassinated and that was confirmed by the JFK files that Trump released.

Arthur: “A lot of conspiracy theorists were proven right.

There’s a potential for an 80% loss scenario. Depending on what happens, desperate Satanic people do irrational things. It’s about how quickly we can educate the masses.”

80% loss scenario? You have to break that one down for me.

Arthur: “It’s always a potential. If an EMP popped today, 3 months from now, there’s 200 million people in America missing. If one Korean missile gets through with an EMP at 110,000 feet, and America is lights-out. How many people are alive on the other side of that? How many people are prepared for a worst case scenario? If there’s no electricity, no heating, no air conditioning, no sanitation, no water, little or no transportation, no gasoline, how many people are alive by the time July rolls around?

What would the National Guard do? Feed every person three meals a day? Pump gas for them? Keep the millions from panicking in the cities? I’m not saying this is going to happen, or that I want this to happen. Telling the truth sucks, bud.

Focus on yourself. Shrink your perimeter. Take the basic steps necessary to prepare.”

The American SS Exposed: DOJ SES 500 Discovered, Paymasters of the Deep State


MARCH 22, 2018 | 6:17 PM

Source: Aim 4 Truth | By ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS


Obama hired them. Trump cannot fire them. So they say.

“No wonder the Mueller gang is so haughty. 500 unelected DOJ lawyers control all federal pay for their corporate overlords”

Donald Trump threatens their seditious corporatist gravy train.

Newly discovered (and cleverly hidden) Federal Register reports (Table 1) identify 500 unelected DOJ lawyers who control the pay for all federal workers in the United States in total stealth mode. These SES members include Bruce Ohr, the now disgraced former associate deputy attorney general who arranged the fake “dirty dossier” in collusion with British spy Christopher Steele to discredit and depose President Trump.

Now we see why. If President Trump learned about the DOJ SS 500 stranglehold on the American economy and way of life, he would surely fire them and undo their many decades of effort to take over the American Republic. With their power over federal salaries, these 500 unelected DOJ officials control the country—from inside just one agency of the U.S. government.

President Trump can end this reign of terror by lowering the pay of every member of the SES to $1. Some of these people need to go to jail. The involvement with Steele, a foreign agent, by the DOJ SES 500 makes these actions possibly treasonous, with even harsher possibilities, according to our treason law.


We have developed this easy-to-use research tool for citizen investigators and journalists to easily search the names of these unelected officials, the deepest of all scum in the swamp, that keep the rank and file Senior Executive Services members in line and on message. The only way to pull these slimy rats from the swamp is to expose them, name by name, in public.

There are three ways to access these files:

Declawed PDF
Declawed XLSX

All files are the same list of 500, just offered to the researcher in different ways. This is what you will find. Use the control F key to search the documents for specific names.


Patriots at American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation love political spin as much as anyone, but spin is not going to win the Second American Revolution.

We have started organizing our grassroots movement. Read about it here and see how you can join us:

American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams

If you can’t be a geologist, miner, smithie, or jeweler, then you can help by educating and enlightening folks by leaving comments under articles and videos and under other’s comments. Be polite, concise, and, accurate. Our job is to recruit other truth patriots, not to be trolls.


The American SS Exposed

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben reveal the attorneys that control the SHADOW GOVERNMENT through the Senior Executive Services, often called Obama’s army, in this audio link above.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture -- News Headlines for March 22, 2018

Headlines for March 22, 2018 [videos]

MARCH 22, 2018


QAnon updates at this link:

The Thursday Truth, Honor & Integrity Show with Thomas Williams will be coming up later today at the following links.





Nearly 200 Busted in $3.7-Million Food-Stamp Fraud Operation

After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences

Many are very concerned about the 5G network. Dr. Jerome Corsi discussed it and apparently some are saying there is a dangerous one and another that is not. I guess we’ll learn more later.

“The Race for 5G” Includes Bailing Out the Telecom Industry and Allowing Them to Install Small Cell Towers Everywhere. Ain’t That America, For You and Me

The topic came up on You Are Free TV as well, recently, in the following video. Her first topic is a little far-fetched even by our standards today, but Samsung is apparently venturing beyond the fringes further and further.

A rather surprising topic came up early on as she relates she got some comments recently suggesting that her reference to “consciousness” is a “new age” concept—which suggests it isn’t valid. Some people have no idea what “new age” means, and some are out to discredit people who talk about our ascension and our journey to elevated consciousness. That is what is happening and has been happening for many years. You can call it anything you want, but slapping “new age” on discussions of our consciousness and the rise in frequency and changes to our DNA are not adequately or accurately described as “new age”. People really need to get educated about our reality; who we are, and where we’re headed. It’s getting to the point that the appellation “new age” is like calling someone a conspiracy theorist. It’s derogatory, or else suggests ignorance. We are in the process of graduating to a “new age”, so folks had best get over it.

Air travel has always been touted as far safer than automobile, however… in recent years there have been an increasing number of plane crashes… and then there was the Malaysian airlines plane (MH370) that was “disappeared” that we now understand from many sources was hijacked at landed at Diego Garcia base. The families never got closure.

This ‘Tuber tells us there have been 10 plane crashes (after he removed a couple of incidents for reasons he explains) in the past month. That’s a rather high number and the mainstream media isn’t covering most of it.

Are these plane crashes volleys from the dark cabal? We’ve been told a number of times to “remain calm”, which suggests that events could get a little hairy as this war winds down and the El-ites face their own demise. Things could yet get worse.

This topic is going to remain a bone of contention for some time, it appears because… well… it’s complicated.

The roll-out of specific intelligence and truth is heavily scripted so as not to overwhelm the sleeping masses. They have to control the revelations and stick to an order of operations, I suppose, and want us to “trust the plan”.

For example, they’re still talking about “hijackers” and “planes hitting the towers on 9/11” because the public is not ready to hear the truth. If they were, they would have listened to the countless attempts over the past 16 years to reveal that the whole thing was a Deep State coverup and a false flag event to further the control and domination of the planet by the New World Order.

Bin Salman Flies Into New York City as 9/11 Families Push Case Against Saudi Arabia

American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben continue to explore the Senior Executive Service as they plumb the depths of the swamp.

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Obama Campaign Official Admitted Democrats Sucked the “Entire Social Network in US,” Kept the Data, Still Use It (VIDEO)

Looks like Justin Trudeau was ahead of his time… or started a trend.

Mount Holyoke Women’s College Instructs Professors to Not Use Term ‘Women’

Anonymous Patriots: Evening Truth News Headlines -- March 22, 2018


MARCH 22, 2018 | 4:09 PM

Source: Aim 4 Truth | By ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS




“The 150-page report will now undergo a classification review by the intelligence community to determine what information must be redacted in the document. After it goes to Congress, the report will be made public. That is expected to happen within the next several weeks.”







Now they want us to believe the Austin bomber was a homeschooled, conservative survivalist…
…who attended church and bible study, was against gay marriage, and hated the liberalization of Austin



Let’s get organized into search teams.

Thanks to all of you who have started digging through the SES and SERCO documents. As more documents are added and more of you want to join our efforts, we have organized our efforts so we know who is doing what.
The Geologists

The geologists are experienced internet researchers who know how to locate documents, especially those that have been obscured by the enemy as they hide their evil plans and ongoing crimes deep in the digital battlefield. Like geologists in the mining industry, they analyze layers and layers of content to find the seams that yield high results of indictable evidence.

Geologists aren’t looking for day-to-day videos and articles, they are looking for solid evidence that can be added to our crimeline that can be used to indict criminals.
Download, study and share the “Crimeline” widely

The Miners

Once the motherlodes have been identified by the geologists and are posted in files for patriots to review, miners begin to go through them, looking for indictable evidence. This is a big job, patriots, and we need help going through these files. For those of you who have asked “How can I help?” this would be a great place to start.

BLOCKBUSTER Folder with SES documents

Alternative site with these documents

SERCO Document File


The smithies hammer the material into a presentable shape. This could be in the form of articles, memes, videos, tweets, etc. Once evidence is found by the miners, it doesn’t mean it will have a nice form and luster that will appeal to readers and viewers. Like precious stones, information must be cleaned and cut in order to be presentable to the truth consumer.

Smithies are content creators that regularly contribute to the American Intelligence Media and other platforms. Our daily pages, like many aggregators, rely on the incredible job smithies offer the community.


These are the “store fronts” that present the articles, videos, and other materials in organized web and blog pages, posts, and tweets – even things like billboards, direct mail – that make it easy for readers to consume the day’s intelligence from a variety of smithies.

Jewelers pay particular attention in making their platforms easy to share among a wide variety of social media platforms. They may host their own original work as smithies, but also highlight other jewelry in their store.

Now here is how it all comes together…..

Miner Gunn reports:

I was diggin in archives for Q crumbs and found this which many Americans are aware of but what was it about the Green Hilton Agreement signed by JFK (others) that would make it the VERY FIRST THING JOHNSON DID AFTER BEING SWORN IN WAS CANCEL IT? WAS IT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO HAVE HIM ASSASSINATED?

Thank You ALL

Going digging in the serco files now.

Hopefully Miner Gunn’s find will help others who are working on content about the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, JFK, and its relevancy today with the people’s overthrow of the central banking system cabal. Make sure to subscribe to this site so that these finds are archived in your email box.


Below is an example of another type of contributor to AIM4Truth. ‘c-change’ offers an insightful opinion piece on the new awakening.




AIM4Truther Guy took on our meme challenge yesterday. Digital patriots need to learn how to make their own information weapons and a great place to start is by making memes.

Our suggestion to Guy in the image below is to make the font larger on Clapper so that it can easily be read. We liked that they were yucking it up about military tribunals.

AIM4Truther Scott submits his version:

Meme tip: A good meme stimulates a psychological dissonance between the image and the words on the meme. The humor occurs when the brain has to resolve the differences. This is a helpful tool in waking up brainwashed people. And laughter is a gentle, not frightening, way to wake up people.

This is an information war. The winners are equipped with the most effective information weapons. Learn to make them. Then launch them. Every day.

Another contributor exposes this disturbing occult symbol in the blog post below:


Here is another type of meme sent in to us by John. This meme doesn’t need words, but it could use some push from our community.

Question from a reader Reg:

When I came across your sigil, I heard a tone of a either a musical or mathematical scale.

After printing in a clear labels, I posted them in a grid formation inside the house. It has created an created a comfortable and satisfying environment. They emit the tone that I spoke before.

My spiritual bodies each had a difference re arranging of cleansing.

My questions is: what is the name of this energy?

Our answer:

It is tuned to the note of A minor, the sound of AUM which is the frequency of the heart chakra. It is the same harmonic as the sepulcher of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.


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